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The Service Level Agreement

A Service Level Agreement, or SLA, is fundamental to service provision, from the perspective of both the supplier and the recipient. It essentially documents and defines the parameters of the relationship itself.

The quality of the service level agreement is therefore a critical matter. It is not an area that can be left to chance, and must command careful attention.

The SLA itself must be of sufficiant detail and scope for the service covered. Typical SLA sections include: Introduction, Scope of Work, Performance, Tracking and Reporting, Problem Management, Compensation, Customer Duties and Responsibilities, Warranties and Remedies, Security, Intellectual Property Rights and Confidential Information, Legal Compliance and Resolution of Disputes, Termination and Signatures. Other sections of course may be applicable.

Each of these sections must be caefully crafted to ensure that the agreement properly defines the service to be delivered. This is certainly not a trivial task.

Fortunately, much of the spade work can be taken out of the task via the use of pre-written material. The SLA Toolkit is designed to enable a focused quality SLA to be produced as efficiently and effectively as possible. It includes:

  • A complete service level agreement template
  • In interactive guide, which explains every part of the SLA and provides jump links straight to the appropriate part of the above template
  • A full presentation on SLA's explaining how, what and why
  • A presentation explaining the key concepts of Service Level Management for a wider appreciation of the issues

The toolkit is provided in MS-Word and PowerPoint formats, to give the user full control over the contents. It is available for immediate download on purchase.

For further information, visit the Service Level Agreement Website.

The SLA Toolkit, including template, guide and presentation, can now be purchased online for only (cost: 199 USD).

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