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ITIL Training - Version 3

Training services can of course be of variable quality... and the problem is that often it is not possible to be certain of the character of a training course until you are in the midst of it. This is one reason for the development of e-learning courses.

These courses are demonstrably of consistent quality. They are also convenient and extremely cost effective - no travelling, no expenses, no waiting. It was only a matter of time therefore before such a course was developed for ITIL certification.

The ITIL Version 3 Foundation Course - Download!

Certification.Info offer a downloadable course designed specifically to prepare participants for the examination leading to the Foundation Certificate. It is a detailed, modular introduction to the concepts, terms, definitions, benefits, objectives, and relationships within core IT service management processes and functions, according to the ITIL best practice framework.

The download comprises materials to support all stages of the learning cycle: study, revision, re-enforcement and exam preparation. These are supplied in the common MS-Office formats: Word, Powerpoint and Excel.

Details and Registration

The cost is currently just $199, and as such is highly recommended. For more details on this offering, visit the:

ITIL Version 3 Training Portal
Details & Registration Here


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