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ITIL Change Management

Change Management is the practice of ensuring all changes to Configuration Items are carried out in a planned and authorised manner. This includes ensuring that there is a business reason behind each change, identifying the specific Configuration Items and IT Services affected by the change, planning the change, testing the change, and having a backout plan should the change result in an unexpected state of the Configuration Item.

See the ITIL Toolkit for more information on Change Management.


Change Management and IT Security

IT Security must be embedded into the change management process to ensure that all changes have been assessed for risks. This will include assessing the potential business impacts should the change produce undesired results.

If Change Management procedures are not effective, this may result in unauthorised changes to IT Services, which could have major impacts on the business, including financial loss, customer loss, market loss, litigation, and in the worse case scenario, even collapse of the business that the IT Services are there to support.



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