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The ITIL Toolkit

The much acclaimed ITIL Toolkit is essentially designed to help guide you through the ITIL/ITSM minefield. It contains a series of components and resources to help simplify, explain and manage ITIL and the ITIL process.

It comprises a series of discrete resources:

  • An ITIL Guide
    This is a detailed and comprehensive introduction to ITIL, targetted at both beginners and seasoned practitioners.
  • An ITIL Management Presentation
    This is a full presentation on ITIL and service management. It explains how, what and why through a series of PowerPoint foils with detailed notes.
  • The ITIL Fact Sheets
    This is a unique reference kit comprising a series of 12 ITIL (2 page) fact sheets. These cover each of the main ITIL disciplines. The Factsheets are described here as a separate offering if preferred.
  • An ITIL Compliance Assessment Kit
    This is a comprehensive Excel based questionnaire set, designed to help assess the compliance position with ITIL and identify which areas are in need of some attention with respect to best practice
  • ITIL Presentation Template
    These items are designed to help you interpretation compliance assessment scoring from above, and to create a high quality presentation from the results.
  • ITSM Reference Guides
    These are intended to introduce a range of other ITSM related frameworks and approaches.
  • ITIL Version 3 Bridging Kit
    These documents explain the differences between the old version (v2) and the current.

Essentially, this is a substantial and co-ordinated kit, covering a host of basic requirements. It is targetted at both the beginner and those who are already seriously implementing ITIL within their management regime. For the former it is an excellent tool to 'get you going' with ITIL. For the latter, it provides a number of extremely useful items and reference materials to give practical assistance in a number of areas.

The ITIL Toolkit is actually documented on its own dedicated site: The ITIL Toolkit. On here you will find a more complete description, along with a series of sample snapshots from each of the components.

The whole kit can now be purchased online for only: 199 USD and downloaded straight to your PC. It is our recommended support tool for ITIL.

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