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Service Level Management

Service Level Management is the primary management of IT services, ensuring that agreed services are delivered when and where they are supposed to be delivered. The Service Level Manager is dependent upon all the other areas of Service Delivery providing the necessary support that ensures the agreed services are provided in a secure, efficient and cost effective manner.

There are a number of business processes that form part of Service Level Management. These are:

  • Reviewing existing services
  • Negotiating with the Customers
  • Reviewing the underpinning contacts of 3rd party service providers
  • Producing and monitoring the Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Implementation of Service Improvement policy and processes
  • Establishing priorities
  • Planning for service growth
  • Involvement in the Accounting process to cost services and recover these costs

Service Level Agreements
A critical part of service level management pertains to service level agreements. For further onformation on this topic, see our SLA Page.

If you are managing an outsourced service or function, see our page on IT Outsourcing.


Service Level Management and IT Security

IT Security is an integral part of Service Delivery, and as Service Level Management is the key discipline in providing Service Delivery, this process is also ultimately responsible for ensuring that IT Services are provided in a secure manner, and the availability of the services is maximised within cost and efficiency constraints. Contingency Planning also forms part of Service Delivery to ensure that services can be recovered/maintained in the event of a serious incident.



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