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ITIL Service Operation

Service Operation provides guidance on the management of a service through its day-to-day production life. It also provides guidance on supporting operations by means of new models and architectures such as shared services, utility computing, web services, and mobile commerce.

This volume presents practices in the management of service operations and includes guidance on achieving efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery and support of services to ensure value for the customer and the service provider. Service operations ultimately fulfill the strategic objectives, which make it a critical capability. Guidance is provided on techniques to maintain service operations stability whilst allowing for changes in design, scope, scale, and service levels.

Service Operation provides detailed guidelines on processes, methods, and tools in addressing the proactive and reactive control perspectives. Managers and practitioners are provided with knowledge; enabling them to make better informed decisions in areas such as managing the availability of services, controlling demand, optimizing capacity utilization, scheduling of operations, and fixing problems.

See the ITIL Toolkit for more information on Service Operation.


ITIL Service Operation Principles

The documented principles cover

Functions, Groups, Teams, Departments and Divisions
Providing Service
Achieving Balance in Service Operation
Operation Staff involvement in Design/Transition
Operational Health

Approx (very) version 2 process cross reference (we urge caution): Incident Management, Problem Management, Service/Help Desk.



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