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ITIL Service Strategy

Service Strategy deals with the strategic management approach in respect of IT Service Management; strategic analysis, planning, positioning, and implementation relating to service models, strategies, and strategic objectives. It provides guidance on leveraging service management capabilities to effectively deliver value to customers and illustrate value for service providers.

The Service Strategy volume provides guidance on the design, development, and implementation of service management, not only as an organizational capability, but also as a strategic asset. It provides guidance on the principles underpinning the practice of service management to aid the development of service management policies, guidelines, and processes across the ITIL Service Lifecycle. Service Strategy decisions have far-reaching consequences including those related to delayed effect.

Topics include the development of markets, internal and external, service assets, service catalog, and implementation of strategy through the Service Lifecycle; setting objectives and expectations of performance towards serving customers and market spaces, and to identify, select, and prioritize opportunities. Assisting an organization to position itself to deal with the costs and risks associated with its service portfolios, establishing both operational effectiveness and distinctive performance.

See the ITIL Toolkit for more information on Service Strategy.


ITIL Service Strategy Principles

The documented principles cover

Value Creation
Service Provider Types
Service Assets
Service Structures
Service Strategy Fundamentals

Approximate ver2 process cross reference (caution): Financial Management.



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