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ITIL Version 3

The upgrade of ITIL from version 2 (2000) to version 3 (2007) included some intensive changes. The change of focus, from an operationally focused set of processes to a mature set of service management practice guidance, necessitated a number of core changes.

One of the most visible changes was the subtle change of name: from "The IT Infrastructure Library" to "ITIL Service Management Practices". This itself reflected ITILís evolution, implying a broader scope. Indeed, the whole approach to version 3 is more holistic, value based and business focused.

The entire set of volumes was re-organized and re-published to support this new vision (a 'service lifecycle format'). ITIL now consists of the following:

These are supported by complementary titles, addressing the application of the generic core guidelines in specific markets/technological contexts.

Conceptually, the core guides above revolve around the ITIL 'Service Lifecycle'. This lifecycle is intended to be a logical flow from Strategy, through Design, Transition, Operation and Service Improvement, supporting feedback through all areas of the lifecycle.

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