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The IT Infrastructure Library®, ITIL®, is a series of documents that are used to aid the implementation of a framework for IT Service Management (ITSM). This framework defines how Service Management is applied within specific organisations. Being a framework, it is completely customisable for application within any type of business or organisation that has a reliance on IT infrastructure.

This directory is intended to serve as a start point for your ITIL/ITSM needs. Whether you are entirely new to the topic, or whether you are a seasoned practitioner, you should hopefully find something of value.




The ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) consists of 5 volumes: Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement.

Although the UK Government originally created the ITIL, it has rapidly been adopted across the world as the standard for best practice in the provision of information technology services.

As IT services become more closely aligned and integrated with the business, ITIL assists in establishing a business management approach and discipline to IT Service Management, stressing the complementary aspects of running IT like a business. Service Management is a set of specialized organizational capabilities for providing value to customers in the form of services. The core of Service Management is transforming resources into valuable services

For online training information see - HERE
For information on the ITIL Toolkit see - HERE


The release of the new version of ITIL brought with it an important change of emphasis, from an operationally focused set of processes to a mature service management set of practice guidance.

It also brought a rationalization in the number of volumes included in the set, which now comprises the following:




Version 2 of ITIL® (IT Infrastructure Library®) consisted of 7 sets: Service Support; Service Delivery; Planning to Implement Service Management; ICT Infrastructure Management; Applications Management; Security Management; The Business Perspective. However, the main focus was generally divided into two main areas, known as ITIL Service Delivery and ITIL Service Support.

Service Delivery is the management of the IT services themselves, and involves a number of management practices to ensure that IT services are provided as agreed between the Service Provider and the Customer. In includes 5 disciplines: Service Level Management, Capacity Management, Continuity Management, Availability Management, and IT Financial Management

Service Support is the practice of those disciplines that enable IT Services to be provided effectively. The 6 Service Support disciplines are: Configuration Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Service/Help Desk and Release Management.


The ITIL Toolkit is designed to help guide you through ITIL and the ITIL process. This is a comprehensive and substantial kit, covering a host of basic requirements.

It is targetted at both the beginner and those who are already seriously implementing ITIL within their management regime. For the former it is intended to 'get you going' with ITIL. For the latter, it provides a number of extremely useful items and reference materials to give practical assistance in a number of areas.

It comprises a number of different components: An ITIL Guide; An ITIL Management Presentation; The ITIL Fact Sheets; An ITIL Compliance Assessment Kit; an ITIL Presentation Template.

More information: HERE               

Or visit the: ITIL Toolkit Website




Throughout these web pages, the roles of risk and security are intentionally and consistently underscored - they are key elements within responsible service management.

To address these issues, adoption of a formal methodology is most certainly recommended. For the former (risk) a qualitative approach is most common, for the latter, adoption of the ISO 17799 standard is becoming widespread. The following websites may help:
             Security Risk Analysis
             ISO 17799 Standard

It is equally important to implement a comprehensive set of security policies. If you have not already done so, a pre-written policy can be acquired from Computer Security Policies.


A Service Level Agreement, or SLA, is fundamental to service provision, from the perspective of both the supplier and the recipient. It documents and defines the parameters of the relationship itself.

The quality of the service level agreement is therefore a critical matter. It is not an area that can be left to chance, and must command careful attention.

To assist with this task, our service level agreement page considers service level agreements more closely, and identifies a simple but comprehensive resource to assist.

More information: HERE



ITIL® TRAINING  /  BS15000 AND ISO 20000  /  BS15000

Our ITIL Book Store details various books and resources on ITIL and IT service management.

ITIL service support V2 This CD-ROM, from CCTA, presents the version 2 ITIL approach for services support. It has full navigation, with toolbar and menu of links to tools that you will find useful whilst using the ITIL Service Support CD, as well as search and other facilities to guide you through the text.

A number of portals exist which offer guidance upon the topic of contingency planning:
         Business Continuity
         Disaster Recovery World
         The Business Continuity Toolkit

IT Outsourcing
For information on the application of ITIL to IT outsourcing see our IT Outsourcing page.

Related Process Models
The six sigma methodology is also an established method for process improvement. In some respects, it demonstrates a number of similar characteristics to ITIL.


The ITIL Training Group offer an online course designed specifically to prepare participants for the examination leading to the Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management. See HERE for details

The ITSM landscape changed significantly with the publication of the international service management standard, ISO 20000. This actually consists of a set of two related documents:
         ISO 20000:1 A specification for ITSM
         ISO 20000:2 A detailed code of practice for ITSM

For the first time, a globally recognized and certifiable framework now exists for the implementation of service management processes within an organization. ISO 20000 is of course aligned with ITIL, and is likely to become one of the most widely adopted international standards.

More information: HERE

NOTE: ISO 20000 (formerly BS15000) is the world's first standard for IT service management. For detailed information, visit the sister site of this portal: BS 15000 and ISO 20000 Directory.

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